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6 Figure Business Kit

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This is a fundamental business kit guide that will help you as a lash artist learn to create passive income. Not only will you be guided to success but you’ll be able to do hands on work using the interactive workbook to create your own business blue print! There’s so much research and back end knowledge that goes into starting a product line & this guide will cover everything you need to know. 

🛑 CANVA FOR DUMMIES GUIDE WILL BE LINKED IN THE ‘From in the chair to behind the chair’ E-book on page 16 

MICRO MENTORSHIP 📲 You’ll be able to text my personal number to ask more questions if you feel stuck on any of the steps. I’ll be there to help you build your brand! 


In the ‘From in the chair to beyond the chair’ e-book, you will learn ⬇️

- How to create your own e-books 

- What it takes to start a product line 

- How to utilize branding to see a jump in sales 

- Learning the Instagram Algorithm to promote your products and get sales..  for example: call to action post & keywords 

- How I print orders from Shopify (DEMO VIDEO) 

- How to manually create orders using Shopify (DEMO VIDEO) 

- Creating CUTE shipping cards using CANVA (DEMO VIDEO) 

- Links to shipping supplies to get started 

- How to effectively price your products 

- All of the same vendors I used for: fiber tip tweezers, lash trays, adhesive, glue remover, primer & bonder (all products will have my logo on it for proof of vendor usage) 

- Content ideas listed for you for ALL products mentioned above ^

- How to take product photos + links to supplies 

- Organizing your business from a legal standpoint which include the following ⬇️ 

• setting up your LLC 

• setting up an EIN 

• statement of information (if required in your state) 

• sellers permit 

• learning sales tax & setting up sales tax on Shopify 

• business banking + tax write offs 



In the ‘6 Figure Interactive Workbook’ you will learn ⬇️ 

- How to put together your business blueprint before launching your product line 

In this interactive workbook, you will have prompts that you will have to answer in order to build your blueprint. 
This interactive workbook dives deep into how to successfully build you business. 

We will go over: 

- Business Overview 

- Business Concept 

- Value Proposition 

- Target Audience Research 

- Sales Funneling 

- Product Research 

- Feature Priority Matrix 

- Start up cost 



In the ‘Canva for Dummies’ guide you will learn ⬇️

- The basics of using canva 

• Starting a design 

• Navigating your workspace 

• Utilizing Photo grids & Photo Frames 

• Design Elements 

• Fonts 

• Savin & Sharing your designs

You will also get RESELL rights with the canva course so you can practice your canva editing and add your own branding/logo to resell to others! Your first digital product, already done for you ✨